Year 7 Enrolments

Grade 6 to Year 7 Enrolments

The placement of Grade 6 students into Year 7 is a process controlled by the North-Eastern Victoria Region of the Department of Education. “Application for Year 7 Placement” forms are distributed by the student’s primary school which then makes contact with the College on behalf of the parent regarding the Year 7 placement. These placement forms are distributed in Term 2 and confirmed placements are offered in Term 3. Parents are notified by their primary school of due dates and timelines.

East Doncaster Secondary College Enrolment Management Implementation Plan
Our school receives a large volume of enrolment requests every year and under instruction from the Department of Education we have in place an Enrolment Management Implementation Plan. This means that enrolment numbers are restricted.

The approved entry criteria for East Doncaster Secondary College for the 2025 school year are:

Students seeking placement in Year 7 must meet one of the above criteria to be eligible for enrolment in 2025. Students seeking enrolment in other year levels continue to be subject to the Placement Policy.

For further information, please go to Moving from primary to secondary school: information for parents

Designated Neighbourhood School Zone

East Doncaster Secondary College has an enrolment ceiling which means the school may only be able to take a specific number of enrolments each year in order to manage our overall enrolment numbers.

East Doncaster Secondary College school zone is available on hosts the most up-to-date information about Victorian school zones.
Students residing in this zone are guaranteed a place at our school, which is determined on the basis of your
permanent residential address, at the time of enrolment.
The Department provides guidance through the School Placement Policy to ensure that students have access to
their designated neighbourhood school and the freedom to choose other schools, subject to facility limitations.
You can find more information and answers to frequently asked questions on the Department’s website under
School zones.
For more information
If you have a question about school zones call the VSBA Hotline on 1800 896 950 or email:

To check your school zone visit

Year 8 to 12 Enrolments 

East Doncaster Secondary College is a government Secondary School bound by the Designated Neighbourhood Government School (school zone) and Enrolment Policy. Parents wanting to enquire about the possibility of their child enrolling at East Doncaster Secondary College in the current year are advised to please check the enrolment policy. The Department of Education granted our College an enrolment ceiling due to the continued and unprecedented increase in our enrolment numbers. As a part of the enrolment ceiling our current intake has been limited, and therefore we assess each enrolment accordingly.

East Doncaster Secondary College will follow the Priority Order of Placement for all enrolments Years 8 to 12.

Priority order of placement

Priority order of placement

Eligible children and young persons have the right to be admitted to their designated neighbourhood government school, regardless of capacity.

In circumstances where schools do not have sufficient accommodation to accept all students who apply from outside their school zone, schools must manage enrolment applications in accordance with the following priority order of placement:

  1. students with a sibling at the same permanent address who are attending the school at the same time.
  2. all other students in order of closeness of their home to the school.

In exceptional circumstances, a student may be enrolled in a school based on compassionate grounds. This is an overarching consideration and does not form part of the priority order of placement.

Further information may be found at Department of Education Enrolment Policy

Every application for enrolment at the College will be considered individually and assessed on the information available at the time of application, against the priority order of placement. It is not possible to give a definite answer to an enrolment enquiry in this current year, when the child is not due to enter the College for many years to come.

Once it has been confirmed that a student qualifies to attend East Doncaster Secondary College, an interview process will take place where the student will be asked about their personal goals, previous academic history and what they hope to achieve from their placement at the College. Parents/guardians and students are both required to attend. They will be asked to provide school reports from their previous and current school, as well as birth certificate, passport and visa details for students arriving from overseas. Parents will need to provide a range of documents to assist in the verification of a student’s permanent address.

Enrolments for the following year are considered in Term 4 of the previous year. Please contact our school via email at to enquire about a potential enrolment for your child.

For further information regarding The Department of Education – Enrolment into Secondary School please go to:

For enquires regarding the International Student Program please go to the International Students page on this website.