In the context of teaching and learning, we have one explicit goal: ‘Establish and sustain the highest possible quality of teaching and learning in every class, for every student’. We are committed to ensuring each student’s learning is powerful and purposeful. We design learning activities for students to broaden knowledge, build understanding, improve learning processes and skills, and explore new interests in a culture of curiosity.

While Literacy and Numeracy are the cornerstones of their learning program, every student experiences a broad range of opportunities underpinned by our commitment to deep and meaningful learning. At Middle School, we focus on providing a stimulating learning program that is balanced across all learning domains. Our attention to detail is evident as we continue with diagnostic assessments of students throughout Middle School, identifying students requiring special assistance either from a remedial or enrichment perspective. We believe that each student will achieve their academic potential when their learning is balanced with learning activities in health and personal development throughout their Middle School experience.

At Senior School we aim to create the widest possible post-secondary options for each student. This is achieved through a combination of providing a wide subject choice including access to Vocational Education and Training (VET) studies, ongoing course and career counselling, maintaining high expectations and continuing to enhance our students’ connectedness to East Doncaster.

In order to maximise student performance, we provide many students access to acceleration programs from Years 10 to 12, including University Enhancement at Year 12. It is common for our students to commence their VCE studies in Year 10 with one or two VCE subjects. We challenge our students to be ‘aspirational’ – to be the best they can be in all aspects of their learning.

The outcomes of this process are most evident when one examines the wide range of post secondary options our students elect to undertake. Further confirmation can also be found in the consistent awarding of VCE Premiers Awards and the exhibiting of work in VCE Arts exhibitions of our top students.

Teaching at East Doncaster Secondary College

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