Parents are now able to purchase texts and stationery through the Campion Online Booklist. If you do not know your subject enrolments yet, please wait until these are confirmed before ordering.


All orders must be placed by Wednesday 14 December. Late orders will incur additional fees.

To purchase your items:

  • Visit
  • Click ‘Order Here’ and create an account
  • Select East Doncaster Secondary College from from the drop down list in ‘VICTORIA’ Schools
  • Enter the Code VCFT which will give you the list of resources by year levels
  • Select resources needed and follow the online purchasing prompts
  • Home Delivery of items will be from 5 – 25 January 2023

Digital Bundle and eBook instructions:

PLEASE NOTE: ALL eBooks must be purchased via Campion and are no longer included in the College Parent Payments.

Year 7-9 Digital Bundle and Year 10 Maths

  • Select the Year 7-9 Digital Bundle or Year 10 eBooks to purchase.
  • After selecting all your other resources, continue to payment and delivery information. Here you must select your student name from the list on Campion’s website.
  • Campion will send an email with eBook access instructions. Students will use their school Compass login details. It is essential that the student’s ‘’ email is registered in order for eResources to be accessed.

Accelerated VCE Subjects – Yr10 students undertaking Unit1&2 & Yr11 students undertaking Units 3&4

All Senior School subjects are included in the one booklist ‘Senior School Year 10 & VCE 2023’. To order items for students undertaking accelerated VCE subjects, scroll down until you find the appropriate year level, and then subject. Add the items required to your order.

VCE Edrolo

Some VCE subjects require purchase of Edrolo textbooks through the separate Edrolo website (as noted on the Campion booklist). This website is expected to be open in late November. The school will send out further instructions when you can purchase these eBooks.

Some Frequently Asked Questions: 

What is Campion?

Campion is a third party company that EDSC uses to administer our booklist and supply new books to students.

Do I have to buy everything on the list?

You need to buy everything listed for the subjects your student is enrolled in. However, general stationery items such as pens and rulers do not need to be purchased from Campion if you already own these items or can source them elsewhere.

Do I have to buy books through Campion, or can I buy second-hand books elsewhere?

You don’t have to buy your student’s books through Campion. However, there is a risk of buying incorrect editions of textbooks from other parties, as textbooks are revised regularly. If you’d like to buy second-hand books, we recommend buying them through the Sustainable School Shop. This company has been supplied with the EDSC booklist and can help ensure you buy the correct editions.

If you buy a second hand book, you should also check whether you need to purchase a digital code to access any extra online resources required.

Why am I charged $15.95 at the end of my order?

Campion charges a $5.95 processing fee for all orders. Orders will also be charged a $10 home delivery fee as due to COVID-19, school delivery and pick-up is unable to take place. However, you may be able to organise order pick-up from Campion by contacting Campion directly.

Do we have to bring all the books in on the first day of school?

No, you can stagger what you bring in to make it easier. You will get information about what is needed on day one.

The College is conscious of the need to provide an efficient process for families to be able to buy and sell their secondhand textbooks and uniforms and other student resources.

We would like to inform you of the College’s new initiative to provide parents with the ability to trade these secondhand items via the Sustainable School Shop.

Please click here for further information regarding buying and selling books via the