Instrumental Music Program

The Instrumental Music Program is an optional co-curricular program available to all students. It is separate to the compulsory Classroom Music program in years 7 and 8.

Students who elect to learn a musical instrument at EDSC can do so at a fraction of the cost of private lessons outside of school. Students are given a weekly lesson and a weekly large ensemble rehearsal.

It is a requirement of having lessons at school that students participate in ensemble rehearsals and performances throughout the year.

Lessons usually take place in a small group format, until students reach VCE level on their instrument. The small lesson groups enhance confidence, teamwork, listening and cooperation skills, and social development.

Why learn a musical instrument?

  • Music performance is unique in the way it uses the whole brain. Increasingly large numbers of scientific and educational studies are showing the benefits of playing an instrument in strengthening literacy and numeracy skills, as well as general confidence, persistence and organisational skills.
  • Watch this video, produced by award-winning educator, researcher and author Doctor Anita Collins.
  • The ensemble focus of our program also fosters social development, teamwork skills and critical listening skills.
  • Being involved in a music program can facilitate new friendships across all year levels. This is especially beneficial when moving into a larger school environment.
  • Most importantly, it’s fun! Who doesn’t like music?

Who can learn?

Everybody! Instrumental Music tuition is open to all students. Many of our students take up a new instrument at EDSC. Others continue on an instrument they have already been learning. Some students continue their lessons outside of school and play in an ensemble at school.

  • We have lesson groups and ensembles at all ability levels
  • It doesn’t matter if you’ve never played an instrument before, or have never read music before. We teach all our instrumental music students to read and create music.

Music Information Night 2024 – Monday 12 February, EDSC Performing Arts Centre

Music Information Night is the opportunity for students and parents to learn about the program and enrol for instrumental music lessons.

The 2024 Music Information Night will be held in the Performing Arts Centre at 6:30pm, following the Year 7 Social BBQ.

Meet the Teachers / Instruments

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Instrument Range Chart: Download

Brass – Euphonium & Tuba (Mr K Smith)

Brass – French horn (Mrs D Gunn)

Brass – Trombone (Mr K Smith)

Brass – Trumpet (Mrs D Gunn)

Percussion – Tuned/Mallets and Untuned (Mr P Coles)

Strings – Cello (Ms A Eldridge)

Strings – Double Bass (Ms A Eldridge)

Strings – Violin & Viola (Mr C Williams)

Woodwind – Clarinet (Mrs E Fry)

Woodwind – Flute (Mrs C Bruce)

Woodwind – Oboe & Bassoon (Ms T Berezin)

Woodwind – Saxophone (Mrs E Fry)


2024 Music Handbook