Students at East Doncaster Secondary College have a wonderful opportunity to engage in a number of co-curricular programs.

All of our students participate in teaching and learning environments outside the regular school confines by exploring a range of activities – none more exciting than the wide range of school camps.


Our Year 7 students have a ‘challenge and team building’ camp at Anglesea in February each year as part of their orientation to secondary school, to help them to bond as their own specific group within the school. Many teachers share in this rich learning experience with the Year 7 students.


Our Year 8 students travel to the Gippsland bush to engage in more adventure activities for their camp, in an endeavour to create in them an increased capacity for teamwork, tolerance, resilience and optimism.


As citizens of our fine city of Melbourne, our Year 9 students travel independently to the Melbourne CBD for a week where they develop an understanding of ‘Life in Melbourne’ and are immersed in a greater sense of their place historically and demographically. Students are asked to complete a range of tasks that is part of their school-based curriculum. They also travel to Ballarat for a day to experience historic Sovereign Hill.

NASA Science Tour

In 2007 the College introduced the bi-annual NASA Science Tour to the United States as part of an overseas’ experience for our students. In our students’ own words, “this is the ultimate school camp”. On the tour, they are immersed in the real life experiences of trainee astronauts and encouraged to pursue Science as part of their VCE. Students also participate in the biannual Avalon Airshow where they gain an insight into the careers of the aviation industry and see the reality in following their aspirations at school.


A highlight of the Year 11 Program is always the camp week in mid August. Students typically have a choice of a Snow Ski Camp based out of Bright, tours of Tasmania, Sydney and Central Australia or a hands-on Driver Education Program.

These camps foster cooperation and student communication skills. Students experience enjoyable yet challenging activities that cannot be achieved in a normal school environment. They can further develop leadership and team-building skills, and find a new freedom in relating to each other and with participating staff in the relaxed and open atmosphere.

These camps provide students with lifetime memories that are regularly recalled with great fondness by students in their final school reflections.

They are a perfect complement to the rigours of their VCE studies.