We recognise the importance of student wellbeing in nurturing confident, respectful and resilient young adults who are able to thrive through all circumstances and challenges.

Our multidiscipline wellbeing team works collaboratively across the College and the wider community, to ensure a holistic approach is taken to student support and wellbeing. We recognise that every adult has an important role to play in the wellbeing of our young people, which is why we take a whole-school approach. From our dedicated counselling and support team through to programs such as Positive Futures and the ongoing professional development of all our staff, wellbeing is at the foundation of all that we do.

Working to a community development framework, we aim to build resilience and individual capacity, so that students can confidently approach challenges now and into the future. East Doncaster Secondary College collaborates with local support services/agencies, who work with our College Wellbeing Team, in developing and delivering evidence-based programs and other wellbeing initiatives within the school. This partnership model allows East Doncaster Secondary College to build important links within our local community, bringing external services in and strengthening referral pathways out. This best practice model of service provides for all of our students; giving opportunity for students to participate in a wider range of activities that enhance personal growth and wellbeing.

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Introducing our East Doncaster Secondary College Wellbeing Team

Amal Saleh Zada

Lisa Eyles

Maria Rigopoulos

Maddie Sill

Lisa Trovato

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