At East Doncaster Secondary College we are committed to providing a safe, supportive and inclusive learning environment. Our school values guide our behaviours and teacher response to behavioural concerns. We continue to address strategies to enable students to take greater responsibility in the classroom, becoming involved in how curriculum is addressed and how student voice is valued and shapes the daily experience as a College student. Our College Student Wellbeing team, working closely with our Sub-School teams and supported by the documentation available via the Compass system, ensures all students have ongoing access to multiple tiers of physical, social and emotional support. This page offers links to wellbeing support and programs offered both by the College and from external agencies.

*  The information provided on this site is designed to provide helpful information on the subjects discussed. East Doncaster Secondary College is not responsible for any specific advice given. Readers should be aware that website links may change.

Introducing our East Doncaster Secondary College Wellbeing Team

Michael Colling

Lisa Eyles

Maria Rigopoulos

Lisa Trovato

Click on the links below for specific wellbeing advice.


Black Dog Institute

Royal Children’s Hospital – Melbourne

Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue

Department of Health

Department of Heatlh

The Brave Program

The Brave Program

The Brave Program

Dr Andrew Fuller