East Doncaster Secondary College is a rich, culturally diverse school. We strive to engage our students in a wide range of student leadership and co-curricular activities. It is our aim to promote a strong sense of teamwork and collaboration, enabling students to develop positive self-esteem and become resilient people.

Our student leaders are respectful, trustworthy young citizens who are team orientated and involved in co-curricular activities. They are good citizens in our school.

Student Leadership is integral to the success of East Doncaster Secondary College.

Student Leadership at EDSC

East Doncaster Secondary College has worked vigorously over the past years to build its Student Leadership profile and to ensure that we value the efforts of our student leaders and advocate for active student representation and involvement in the school community.

We firmly believe that the development of a meaningful student voice is crucial within this process. We have sought to create structures and an environment where students have been given confidence to take initiative by developing projects and ideas through opportunities such as the Student Representative Council (SRC), The VCE Committee, The Senior School Committee, School Captain and Vice-Captain roles and Class Captains within the Middle School.

We acknowledge that a positive learning environment is further enhanced when students feel secure, comfortable and supported. In such an environment, students are able to develop the skills, the resilience and the sense of common purpose and belonging that will enable them to grow as individuals and responsible members of that community. In short, we believe a positive learning community connects students to their school and a strong Student Leadership program is a key vehicle in allowing this to occur.