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International Student Program Presentation – China 2014

At our College we are justifiably proud of our prestigious International Student Program and we value the ideals of an international education. Our international students contribute a great deal to the rich culture and multicultural diversity we enjoy here at East Doncaster Secondary College.

The program is well recognised both across the state and internationally. Our international students come from countries across the world including Asia, Europe and South America. Families select our College for its academic standards and its reputation.

While our students are supported with English as an Additional Language, it is their attendance at mainstream classes that further ‘internationalises’ the College community. Students participate in a number of extra-curricular activities that assist them to adjust to a different culture and education system, as well as fostering supportive relationships with both teachers and students. Some of these activities include sports club, cooking club, arts club and homework club.

Many of our international students stay with local home-stay families, allowing them to experience Australian culture and community, while also enhancing their English language capabilities.

As a College, we recognise the need for all students to develop the skills, understanding and cultural awareness to be successful global citizens. Our International Student Program is a fine example of how we strive to create a learning environment for our students that reflects the reality of a globalised world.

The International Student Program at East Doncaster Secondary College

Pre Departure

All students are provided with a welcome package upon confirmation of enrolment and prior to arrival in Australia. Students and families are provided with a number of essential documents which outline the school policies, homestay policy, cost of books and uniform and information about living in Australia. These documents are designed to make the transition easier and less daunting for the students. It also allows communication to take place between the student and the International Student Coordinator prior to departure.

Airport Pickup

All students who require airport pickup will be met by a staff member from the International Student Program and taken to their homestay.


The college recognises the importance of ensuring the best possible accommodation and welfare arrangements for International Students. Homestay providers are selected carefully and undergo an application process. All homestays are monitored closely and visited regularly by the International Student Coordinator and International Student Coordinator Assistant.

The college recognises that students living and studying away from home require special support and our homestay families provide this.

A Homestay Responsibility Agreement is signed by both the homestay provider and the student to ensure each party fulfils their responsibilities.

Orientation Program

All students undergo an orientation program as soon as they arrive. Here the students are provided with an International Student Handbook which contains valuable information about the program and the way the college operates. It provides students with guidelines and tips, rules and procedures.
Students are provided with important documents in their own language to help them understand their responsibilities and their rights.

Details about Australia, its customs and culture, the local area and the school community are also incorporated into the orientation program.

Translated Documents

Students are provided with a translation of all key documents.

English Language Centre

The majority of students will undergo a 20 week Intensive English Language program prior to commencing mainstream studies at our English Language Centre located on site at East Doncaster Secondary College. The International Student Coordinator will regularly meet and chat with the student/s at the English Language Centre as well as regularly following the students’ progress.


All International Students are provided with the International Student Coordinator’s, Assistant Principal’s and Principal’s mobile number and email address. Parents and students are able to access support if and when required 24 hours a day.

Regular meetings are conducted with the International Students and regular emails are sent to keep them up to date with upcoming events and important information.

Students are able to access the school intranet to download important documents and application forms.
For further information regarding the International Student Program please contact the International Student Coordinator: Mr Simon Veerhuis  Email:

All applications can be made online at or:

International Education Division – Department of Education and Training
GPO Box 4367
Victoria 3001

Tel: +61 3 9637 2990
Fax: +61 3 9637 2184 / 61 3 9651 4424
Registered Provider: Department of Education and Training – CRICOS Provider Code: 00861K

East Doncaster Secondary College – International Student Program Brochure (English)

East Doncaster Secondary College – International Student Program Brochure (Chinese)