The ALPHA selection process for Year 7 2025 is:

  • Students must apply for and be offered an enrolment at East Doncaster Secondary College for Year 7 2025.
  • The test will be conducted by Edutest.
  • The test will be held in September 2024.
  • An invitation to sit the ALPHA Test will only be available after offers of enrolment have been made and accepted. Details of date and time will be outlined in this invitation.

Please note that in considering applications, including ALPHA, for East Doncaster Secondary College for 2025 we will follow The Department of Education Priority Order of Placement.

ALPHA is offered to Year 6 Students transitioning to Year 7 only.

Students will then be in enrolled in ALPHA for Year 7, 8 & 9.

Please contact Jarrod Sturnieks (Acting Assistant Principal- Teaching and Learning) at the College if you have any questions.

Jarrod Sturnieks –

ALPHA (Advanced Learning Program for High Achievers) caters for high potential learners across all curriculum areas. Typically our ALPHA students show advanced academic development, a capacity for a fast pace of learning and a higher level of achievement. It enables like-minded and highly motivated students to be stimulated in a challenging and supportive learning environment.

Students are invited to undertake a rigorous selection process during Grade 6 with testing in numeracy, literacy, writing, logic and reasoning. This is complemented by the provision of a student profile, developed with the cooperation of the student’s primary school teacher.

It is our specific intention that ALPHA students should strive for educational excellence and develop high levels of creativity along with an extended capacity for complex problem solving. Importantly we also help them to develop their interpersonal skills of resilience, leadership, empathy and perseverance. We support them to continue as highly engaged and motivated students so that the foundations are there for outstanding performance in VCE. Acceleration in the study of Mathematics enables our ALPHA students to begin their VCE Mathematics plus a further VCE study of their choice in Year 10.

ALPHA classes are supplemented by opportunities for students to become involved in other programs that enable them to develop their gifts, thereby enriching and balancing their learning. Such opportunities exist in sports teams, drama, the Music Program, debating, student leadership and assisting in the organisation of ALPHA events.

The ALPHA curriculum is delivered at a fast pace and topics are covered in greater depth. Mathematics is accelerated in that ALPHA students complete four years of Maths in three years.