At East Doncaster we recognise that having all students pushing the boundaries of improvement in all facets of their development requires an increased focus on the building of resilience in students. For this reason we support our students to become reflective and courageous learners who are prepared to explore new ideas and take risks in their learning.

Every aspect of our interactions with others in our school community has a powerful capacity to create a supportive, learning dynamic. Each member of our school community shares responsibility in supporting the emotional, social and educational wellbeing of all students.

Our Student Wellbeing Programs provide important intervention strategies for students who face the challenges of living in a complex adolescent world. Our programs explore issues confronted by adolescents and generate healthy conversations about how to grow up to be safe, confident and resilient individuals.

The College is a rich, culturally diverse school that strives to promote a strong sense of teamwork and collaboration. Students are encouraged to develop skills in a variety of areas, not limited to academia, which will assist them to become responsible, global citizens long after they leave school.

When our Year 7 students commence secondary school at East Doncaster, they are allocated a Year 9 Student Peer Support Leader who helps them get used to life in this new environment and actively nurtures their sense of connectedness and self-confidence.

Throughout their school life at East Doncaster the development of leadership skills is highly valued. There are many opportunities for students to experience and develop leadership skills including: Senior and Middle School Captains, House Captains, the Student Representative Council, Sporting Team Captains, Debating Captains, Technical Crew and Music Captains.

We encourage students to develop an understanding of their community beyond the College gates. Through the social justice and environmental groups and Health and Personal Development programs students support a sponsored child through World Vision, raise money to donate to global crisis’ such as the Pakistani floods and Victorian bushfires in 2010 and have visited local primary schools and nursing homes to assist in various ways.

Student Wellbeing and Engagement Policy

For further information regarding current community programs, please follow the links below:

Manningham YMCA Youth Services

The Eastern region comprises of a broad range of services, agencies and organisations designed to assist both young people and their families. Just like Manningham YMCA Youth Services, many offer and facilitate programs, workshop and activities around youth issues as well as effects certain issues have on family, friends, education and life in general. Below you will find the current programs offered by Youth Services and our greater network.


Parentline counsellors come from a range of professional backgrounds including Social Work, Psychology and Counselling. Experienced counsellors have worked with families for many years.

ReachOut Australia

ReachOut can help you by improving your understanding of the issues that relate to your mental healthand wellbeing and providing information to better understand other people’s experiences. The website provides information and stories on a range of issues experienced by adolescents

Information on Mental Health issues

Mental health refers to someone’s emotional and social wellbeing. With good mental health we manage the normal ups and downs of life but if our mental health declines it can affect our feelings, thoughts and actions. Sometimes these changes in our mental health can also affect how we do our day to day activites, such as school, work and relationships.

Other useful links:


Kids Help Line Service 1800 55 1800

Lifeline Australia 13 11 14

Suicide Help Line Service: 1300 651 251