East Doncaster Secondary College provides a number of platforms and services to help students. If you have difficulty with these services, please visit the IT Department.

College account



Your College account is an email address that begins with your student code, e.g. . This email address and password provides access to the following software and services:

  • Compass. Use Compass to look at lesson plans, assessment tasks and reports.
  • Outlook. Log into Outlook online to check your college email. You can also install Microsoft Outlook on your notebook by installing Office using the directions below. Keep in mind that teachers will routinely use this address to keep in contact with you.
  • Papercut. Use Papercut when connected to the school network to release print jobs.
  • Office. Sign into Office with your College email address and password. Click ‘Install Office’. Then choose ‘Office 365 Apps’. This will download an installer. Running the installer will install Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. When you first launch one of these apps, you will be asked to sign in with your College email address and password.
  • Oliver Library System. Find great books to read using the library catalogue.
  • Microsoft Teams. Download Microsoft Teams and install on your computer. When you launch the software, log in with your College email address. If you have difficulty, try logging in online. Microsoft Teams is most often used for remote learning.
  • Campion. Textbooks purchased through Campion are available here. Click on the link, use your College email address and password through Office 365 to log in. All eBooks should be visible from the dashboard, click to open an eBook. In some cases, they make take a while to load. Use the ‘Chat Now’ function on the website if you need assistance.

eduPass account

eduPass is a username that is provided by the Department of Education and training. It is different to your College account and usually consists of letters from your first and last name, and numbers, e.g. . The IT Department resets your edupass password at the beginning of every year, check your College email for your username and password.

eduPass provides access to the following software and services:

  • Clickview. Clickview is a service that provides access to videos. Log into Clickview with your eduPass username and password.
  • Google Drive. Google Drive is a platform that provides access to online productivity and collaboration tools, including Google Docs, Google Slides and shared drives. You can log directly into Google with your eduPass email address, e.g. . If you already have a personal account, consider signing out of that first, logging into your eduPass account, clicking your avatar and choosing ‘Add another account’. This will make your eduPass account the default.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud. Adobe Creative Cloud includes apps such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and Audition. Log into Adobe with your eduPass email address, e.g. , to install these apps.

If you have difficulty with your eduPass password, please contact or visit the IT Department for assistance.