The establishment of Australia’s eSafety Commissioner was a world first. The purpose of the office of eSafety is to help safeguard Australians at risk from online harms and to promote safer, more positive online experiences. It is the only government agency solely committed to keeping citizens safer online. The eSafety commission:

  • provides online safety information and guidance through our website
  • responds to complaints about serious cyberbullying of Australian children
  • responds to complaints about image-based abuse involving Australians
  • responds to complaints about illegal and harmful content, including child sexual abuse material
  • provides educational resources and training on online safety
  • develops special initiatives and programs in response to identified needs

All resources, services and programs are evidence-based and underpinned by research into internet use, online safety and related issues.

The website has a special link for parents, offering advice, tips and resources. Click here to visit the site.

An article was posted on 9 April, 2020 which highlights the risks associated by an increase in online activity due to the COVID 19 crisis. Click on COVID-19: Online risks, reporting and response to view the article.