BITE BACK is an online interactive space where you can learn how to amplify the good stuff in life! Through our activities, videos and fact sheets you can learn how to increase your levels of wellbeing, deal with stress and harness your strengths so you can live your best life.

Ready to improve your levels of mental fitness? The BITE BACK Mental Fitness Challenge works through activities and strategies used by psychologists and sports psychologists that can help you build resilience, wellbeing and ultimately – your mental fitness. The challenge runs for six weeks, and after completing your entry you’ll go in the draw to win a voucher of your choice!

BITE BACK’s Mental Fitness Challenge guides users through five domains of positive psychology (gratitude, mindfulness, character strengths, social connections and meaning and purpose). Each week contains animations, readings and activities – plus at the end of the six weeks users have the chance to go in the draw for a $250 voucher of their chosen brand.

East Doncaster Secondary College students are encouraged to join the Mental Fitness Challenge. Spend approx. 30 minutes a week and take a positive approach to prioritising your mental health.

Visit join the challenge today.