Top Screen success

//Top Screen success

EDSC’s Jenna Tang has been selected for the prestigious VCE Top Screen. A VCE Media student at East Doncaster Secondary College in 2017, Jenna created a short documentary about a local Melbourne artist titled Kristen. 

Top Screen is an exhibition of the best films from VCE Media students, including short fiction, animation and documentaries. Jenna’s work was selected from over 330 entries submitted from the thousands of students who study VCE Media. Close to 4000 students from across Victoria see Top Screen every year.

Jenna’s documentary explores the influences and passion of a young artist working in Melbourne.


“I am really proud for my Media SAT Kristin to be selected for Top Screen and to represent EDSC at the events that my work will be exhibited at,” said Jenna. “I was in an extremely privileged position to have access to Mr Lamb’s expertise, as his knowledge and guidance about film production was of great assistance to me across not only the period in which I created Kristin, but across all my time in VCE Media as well. Furthermore, I am extremely grateful for the school’s high quality filming, audio and editing equipment that I was able to borrow really helped me bring my film together.”

In Year 12 Media, Jenna honed her understanding of media production and intends to pursue a career in the media industry. “Being accepted into Top Screen has given me more confidence in myself that a career in the media industry is where I wish to head,” she said. “This would never have happened without the help of EDSC.

“My time at EDSC was a journey of development and self discovery, and it helped me realise my capabilities and aim big in life.”

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