2017 Young Leaders to China

//2017 Young Leaders to China

Eight Year 9 EDSC students have successfully completed a six week China study tour. They demonstrated and achieved a greater appreciation of Chinese culture and Mandarin language skills.

The College is proud of each of our students and congratulate them for how they represented the school and their families. They have been great ambassadors.

“I trust that we will be able to continue our new friendships and share the experiences we have been part of,” said EDSC teacher Vivianne Vella, who accompanied the students on their trip.

“Six weeks has gone by faster than lightning,” reflects Raymond Liang. “We spent the weeks in three major cities; Beijing, Nanjing and Shanghai. The weeks involved mostly intensive language learning, trying to improve our Mandarin skills as well as getting a deeper insight into China’s wonderful, interesting history and culture and going to famous landmarks. Our last days were spent in the city of Shanghai. It was unfortunate that we only spent three days there because there were so many things to do. In broad daylight, Shanghai was like any other city but by nightfall it was all it up. It was like seeing a light show. On the last day everyone was feeling sad but worn out and ready to go home to be reunited with their family and friends back in Australia. Personally the most unforgettable moments of this trip were not only the sights but the many friendships we have made between other schools, students and teachers. The ride was enjoyable but everything has to come to an end.

“Six weeks ago we arrived in Beijing airport feeling excited and nervous at the same time,” said Kennessa Lakau. “Now we leave with a heavy heart filled with plenty of memories and experiences. Out time in China has been incredibly fun and educational. We went to three different cities, Beijing, Nanjing and Shanghai! We learned a lot about the Chinese culture whilst making new and close friendships with the others. We also undertook intensive language classes during the week days which have really helped in improving our Mandarin skills. The home buddy visits in Nanjing also allowed us to gain an insight into a local’s perspective and gave us the opportunity to fully immerse ourselves into the culture. Overall, this trip has been amazing and we are all extremely grateful to be given an opportunity like this.”

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