East Doncaster Secondary College Council would like to thank parents/guardians for supporting the College as we endeavour to provide the best possible education for your child.

We continue with our whole school 1 to 1 Digital Learning Program for all students. in 2019 our Year 7 students will be required to purchase a laptop and our Year 8 and 9 students will continue to use an iPad. The purchase of these devices is crucial to the learning program as students will access eBooks rather than an extensive number of expensive textbooks. Our Year 10, 11 and 12 students require a laptop.

Please find further details of the 2019 Years 7-12 1 to 1 Digital Learning Program

In order to provide quality programs and a comfortable and efficient learning environment for our students, the College relies on strong support from the College community. The College Charges are designed to supplement the Government’s allocation to schools to provide materials and services. These charges enable us to enrich and extend the learning experiences of our students in each subject. If necessary, special arrangements for the payment of charges can be made by Accounts Receivable.

Please find below links to the  2019 College Charges Invoice and Parent Payments document – Understanding Parent Payment Categories.


Parent Payments Cost Support for Families

Parent Payments FAQ

Year 7 College Charges 2019
Year 8 College Charges 2019
Year 9 College Charges 2019
Year 10 College Charges 2019
Year 11 College Charges 2019
Year 11 VCAL College Charges 2019
Year 12 College Charges 2019
Year 12 VCAL College Charges 2019

Please note that new students enrolling in to the College from Years 8 to 12 also have the official EDSC school bag and IT configuration fee included in their College charges.

College charges are reviewed annually by the School College Council and are distributed and published in Term 3 for the following year.