Our Staff

At East Doncaster Secondary College it is our intention for every teacher to be responsible for their own professional growth via an evidenced based improvement plan, explicit goals, use of a critical friend as well as reviewer, and through the use of multiple sources of feedback including classroom observation – a key focus continues to be ‘collaboration’.

Educational Support staff at EDSC are highly respected and valued as critical to the success of our improvement agenda. It is essential that there is common commitment to the college’s goals.

Our catch phrase as learners is ‘Creating a Culture of Curiosity’ – we are actively embracing the notion that teaching and learning is in the public rather than private domain.

Curriculum Leaders 

Our curriculum leaders are responsible for leading the development and maintenance of the college curriculum. Please contact them if you would like to discuss any aspect of the college programs.

Student Management Leaders   

Our student management leaders are responsible for student discipline and well-being. Issues are referred to them by classroom teachers, parents or students.

Professional Learning

Our staff have a commitment to ongoing professional learning, and regularly attend sessions which update and expand their skills and knowledge.

Principal Team

Principal   John Roberts
Assistant Principal (Student Connectedness/Operations)    Cameron Campbell
Assistant Principal (Staff Development/Internationalising Education)      Jasvinder Kaur
Assistant Principal ( Curriculum/ICT)     Karen Boyle

Year Level Co-ordinators

Year Level Coordinator Year 12 Lynette Smith
Year Level Coordinator Year 12 Jarrod Sturnieks
Year Level Coordinator Year 11 Paul Basford
Year Level Coordinator Year 11 Melissa Quintal
Year Level Coordinator Year 10 Anna Kissane
Year Level Coordinator Year 10 Evan Jones
Year Level Coordinator Year 9 Jonathan Davies
Year Level Coordinator Year 9 Errin Wilson
Year Level Coordinator Year 8 Craig Carpenter
Year Level Coordinator Year 8 Sally Polidano
Year Level Coordinator Year 7 Emily Mathews
Year Level Coordinator Year 7 Haydn Bethune

Staff Leaders 2017

Teaching & Learning – Curriculum Jasvinder Kaur
Learning Performance Co-ordinator/ALPHA Scott Copeman
Learning Performance Co-ordinator Tegan Pohl
Learning Support Co-ordinator Terry McDonald
Student Well-Being Co-ordinators
Maria Rigopoulos, Lisa Eyles & Kathryn Wakeling
Acting Head of Senior School Michael James
Year 12 Co-ordinators Lynette Smith & Jarrod Sturnieks
Year 11 Co-ordinators Melissa Quintal & Paul Basford
Year 10 Co-ordinators Evan Jones & Anna Kissane
Head of Middle School
Kate Leaumont
Head of Senior School Michael James
Year 9 Co-ordinators
Jonathan Davies & Errin Wilson
Year 8 Co-ordinators
Craig Carpenter & Sally Polidano
Year 7 Co-ordinators Emily Mathews & Haydn Bethune
Transition Co-ordinator Tina Marchant
International Student Co-ordinator Simon Veerhuis
Student Leadership Co-ordinator Kerryn Murray
Interschool Sport Co-ordinators – Team Comps David Lynch
Sport Program Co-ordinator – Yr. 7, 8, 9 Glenn Baker
Library Co-ordinator Vicki da Silva
Timetabler Steve Hoffman
Daily Organiser Peter McKenzie
eLearning Co-ordinator Brett Lamb
English Co-ordinator
Giulia Catalano
EAL /ELC Co-ordinator Brenda James
Mathematics Co-ordinator John Rainbow
Science Co-ordinator Paul Williamson
Visual Arts Co-ordinator Leigh Kenshole
Chinese Language Co-ordinator
Meihui Wang
Italian Language Co-ordinator Elizabeth Dean
Technology Co-ordinator Andrew Grimes
Food Technology Co-ordinator Janice Marsom
Performing Arts Co-ordinator Amanda Broxham
Director of Music Norm Grimmett
Instrumental Music Administrator Carl Williams
Humanities Co-ordinator Dianne Gunn
Commerce Co-ordinator Justin D’Andrea
Student Pathways Co-ordinator Jenny D’Altera
Work Experience, VET & VCAL Co-ordinator Janine Joosten
Physical Education Co-ordinator Ashlee Lawrance
Outdoor Education Co-ordinator Emily Embery
Health and Personal Development Education Co-ordinator Angela Fusinato


To contact a staff member via email – east.doncaster.sc@edumail.vic.gov.au