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East Doncaster Secondary College values excellence in everything that we do. We aim to develop both independent and interdependent, reflective, global learners who strive to improve in learning and achieve our best. This includes developing the confidence to take risks, trusting self and others, taking initiative and being able to adapt to change or to emerging needs and trends. It involves learning with and from others, developing teams of enquiring people, encouraging meaningful conversations and valuing the contributions of others. At the same time we want to be outward looking, searching for greater knowledge and inviting others to support us in establishing a world class education for our community. We value reflective practice and aspire to be our best while continuing to support capacity building.

These statements describe what we are striving to be at East Doncaster. They are bold yet purposeful. They require us to look at new ways to create such a reality. We know that we can’t live up to these aspirations without the implementation of a high quality 1-to-1 ICT learning program.

Providing every student with a personal computer device will give students access to information and learning tools across Domain areas. The program will help students make connections with what they are learning and with the world outside of the classroom. It will help individualise learning in our classrooms. The effective use of ICT helps to engage students in their learning. It also provides tools and processes for communication, collaboration and collective meaning making between teachers, students, parents and school community. On an international level the 1-to-1 program will assist us in the creation of a global classroom and support our current work on internationalising education. Improved access to computers will provide a platform for deeper understanding of concepts and information for all students at all times. It will give teachers consistent access to tasks that are whole world, big picture, instantly. The 1-to-1 program will allow us to improve assessment and feedback processes and to continue to develop responsible and thinking global citizenship in our school community.

Our Year 10 students will have Netbooks provided to them during their orientation program for Year 11 in November and will retain them for their final two years of schooling.

We are currently negotiating potential devices for next year’s Year 7 and 8 students, and will have a proposal for School Council in early Term 3. As we adopt this model there will be a cost to parents that we aim to be offset with decreased text book costs.

It is exciting to finally announce these actions.

As more details become available we will continue to share them with you.