2017 Medieval Day

Year 8 finished their studies of medieval times in Europe with an incursion by an educational provider ‘History Up Close.’ Students rotated through different activities of medieval music and instruments, medieval life and costumes and medieval armoury. By all accounts, students and staff thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Here are some reflections by 8I

“Medieval Day was so fun. I was chosen to put on chainmail, which was very heavy (11 kilos) and very hot and sweaty. Then I put on a helmet that was 5 kilos. In the music room I volunteered to play an old trumpet which was loud, and had a weird old mouthpiece, it was very funny.”

“At first I thought it was going to be boring, and I was going to waste my time. As I experienced each activity, I thought it was one of the most amazing incursions I’d done. They interacted with us and informed us about amazing music. All up it was an awesome day. I hope we can do more of this.”

“People who were experts on medieval times taught us about how they lived back then. We learnt about musical instruments, clothing and even got to dress up in armour and elegant clothes fit for a king and queen. In the armour and weapon session we were taught how to hold and use swords, different types of fighting styles and then battled our friends with “student friendly” swords. Overall, it was cool to see and experience life in medieval times. The pizza and drink were good too!”

Medieval day was fun and enjoyable. It let us relax from school and have fun. I learnt lots about the types of weapons, armour, shields and instruments they had back in medieval Europe. I learnt about the evolution of armour and weapons and their relationship to each other. I also learnt how trumpets would signify people entering or when an enemy was about to attack